• We keep our fingers on the pulse by exploring trends and innovations that have impact on the businesses of our customers across the globe. In this edition: The Era of "We-Commerce", Casual Cravings in QSR, Surviving the Shared Economy, Analyze This: Re-Inventing Retail, Passing on Plastic, New Label Legislation Read More

  • At HAVI Global Solutions we are different because we partner with technology providers and have a “Strategic Interest” in their product which we can “Activate” across our entire value chain. Read More

  • In this edition of the Quarterly Packaging Report, get the latest on Trends in Edible Packaging, Packaging's Impact on Product and Brand Perception, Extended Producer Responsibility, Packaging Quality Assurance, Legislation, and more. Read More

  • The Future of Packaging, an invitation-only, triennial event produced by Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions and Leading Futurists, LLC, leverages this futurist thinking approach to envision likely outlooks for packaging, projecting a 10-year view of the industry and the influences most apt to affect it. Read More

  • Jill Ahern, Sr. Director of Consulting Services comments on the differences between generations in the way they shop and in what influences their purchases.  Read More

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